Past Few Days


The past few days, I’ve been working on my Outreachy project, i.e, Updating Framework Info. The project is described really well here. A Framework in Mesos is basically a  software system that manages and executes one or more tasks in a cluster. This week, I’ll be working on solving this.

Most of my time is spent in reading and understanding what the code does, so that I can modify it appropriately. If I’m stuck and unable to understand the code, I ask my mentor to help me out. Sometimes, I post my query on the Mesos developers mailing list and I receive incredibly helpful answers 🙂

It’s not like working at Outreachy is taking up all of my time. I do get time to do normal 18-year old stuff. Like this –



Hanging out with friends too –


I’ve also applied for the MesosCon Diversity Scholarship. Let’s see if I’m accepted. *fingers crossed*



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